Dima Koskin



  • Cría cuervos… October 17
  • Somewhere September 26
  • Raising Arizona September 18
  • Heaven Can Wait September 16
  • Vertigo September 6
  • Ninotchka September 5
  • The Dark Knight August 31
  • The French Dispatch August 27
  • Death on the Nile August 26
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban August 25


Darned the first pair of socks
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Screenshot from KIMI

Steven Soderbergh and David Koepp really got the gist about Hitchcock's Rear Window:

“Here we have a photographer who uses his camera equipment to pry into the back yard, and when he defends himself he also uses his professional equipment, the flashbulbs. I make it a rule to exploit elements that are connected with a character or location. I would feel that I’d been remiss if I hadn’t made maximum use of those elements”.

At the very moment when Angela (Zoë Kravitz) needs help, she defends herself by asking Kimi to call her mom, turns on the music and turns off the lights. Kimi is the most important tool in her life.

Red Bananas

red bananas Where is the red banana emoji?


Screenshot from Twin Peaks

There is one thing that is better than any therapy. You just need to start the new year with Twin Peaks.